July 7, 2016

Cool Food in the SUMMER

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Ancient Secret Tips from Chinese Medicine!

What to Eat in the SUMMER Heat

As a Chinese medical professional, one of the questions I often get asked is, “What should I eat?” The answer to this question is not the same for everyone depending on their Chinese medical diagnosis and the season. Chinese medical nutrition has a different way of looking at the types of food we eat. It is less concerned with the calories, carbohydrates, protein, etc. but puts more emphasis on how the food makes you feel or the way it changes your body’s microsystem

7 Ways to Cool and Hydrate your body this SUMMER

1. Keep a pitcher of spa-water in your home

Simply add cucumber and mint to a pitcher of water. Both cucumber and mint are cooling to the body. Cucumber also replenishes body’s fluids to help with dehydration and thirst. I just had family in town from Germany and a cousin had a small spray bottle to mist us in the heat of the day. You could try filling a small spray bottle with your spa water and misting yourself while you are out and about in the summer heat.

2. Eat steamed broccoli in the summer
Broccoli is green and green food cool your body down. Broccoli also helps to cool red eyes that some people experience in the summer.

3. Drink coconut water to stay hydrated
Coconut water has electrolytes, like potassium and magnesium. These nutrients are needed by cells to absorb hydration for optimal function.


4. Drink watermelon juice with lavender and lemon
Watermelon clears excess heat in the body and moistens the body fluids. Lavender helps to calm the mind of excess worry, the perfect thing to help the heart feel joyful this summer. Lemons help the watermelon replenish the body’s fluids and have a cooling effect on the body.

5. Eat fish in the summer
Fish nourish the body fluids and the blood and cools the body. They contain omega-3 which helps lower inflammation. They are also helpful if you are trying to have a baby.

6. Make a pea soup
Peas in Chinese medicine help with digestion and can moisten the bowel to help with constiupation.

7. Grapefruit is a great cooling citrus to eat in the summer heat
It improves the immune system in addition to slowly releasing its sugar into your blood stream. Grapefruit can also help a dry cough and strengthen the detoxifying ability of your body. Please be cautious eating grapefruit with certain medications as it can make them become more powerful.Take the time to enjoy your summertime meals.

Joyfulness, especially in the summertime, helps you to be in balance with the season and in turn helps you become healthy. Eat with a friend or partner and say what each of you are grateful for. Light a candle and pick a summer wildflower to introduce to your table for added ambiance. Get out in nature and have a picnic!


I hope you have enjoyed Find Your Balance Acupuncture’s recommendations for what to eat in the summer! Have a joyful season!


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